In UK our car insurance is separated from any breakdown cover policy, so this give us the ability to pick and choose what is right for us, or whether we need it at all. But with some many options and considerations, what tips are there to purchase the right breakdown cover policy in the UK?

Match Your Driving Needs with The Policy

It may seem obvious but some many breakdown cover policies are bought each year on price, rather than really thinking about what is needed from the service. Marketing has changed in recent years, from a yearly rice to a monthly one. Instead of “x amount of pounds” per year, it is now this “cost monthly”, even though your contract will be for the whole year.

It can be so simple to think, something is better than nothing but are you really getting the best value for your money, so lets breakdown some policy options.

Do I Have Policy That Covers Me Or The Car?

Before choosing any policy, you will have the option, of covering yourself to drive any private car (taxis and rentals not included) or cover the car for multiple drivers. This may not be as simple as it sounds as so many busy families are switching vehicles. But it may help, if only one vehicle is used for longer journeys and another for the school run and shopping.

Once this has been decided, you can look at the different cover types.

Entry Level Cover: Roadside assistance

This is the starting point or entry level for all breakdown cover policies. It will guarantee a mechanic will attend your vehicle and try and fix it at the roadside. Failing this, they will tow it to a garage or place nearby. The truth is, most faults can be fixed at the roadside around 80%, as the most common faults relate to battery and tyre issues.

Next Level Is A National Recovery Service

So if longer journeys are part of your regime, making sure your vehicle can be transported home or to a garage of your choice, rather than the nearest one, may be an option. It may be true that most repairs are done at the roadside, but when transportation ids needed, this policy can pay for itself many times over just with one call out.

Breakdown Cover for At Home

In the small print you could notice that the previous polices do not offer cover for if your breakdown at home, say on the drive, or very near your home. So, if you want to be covered for this situation, then you will need extra home cover. It really depends on if there are any mechanics in the home and if you need the car for work, can it be started with the home based or family resources.

Cover For Euopean Travel

Yes even with Brexit, you can opt to cover your vehicle for holiday travel though Europe (check what business cover there is). Of course, it will not be your chosen breakdown cover service provder who will attend any emergency, but a local agent, which could be a local garage of National service prover of that country. Even in this instance, the phone number provided will be to an English speaking operator.

Prices Of Breakdown Cover

Well they are not consistent, always someone service offering a deal for new customers, but be aware often, the renewals g to full price. This is where many swap breakdown service providers each year and take advantage of the deals they are offering.

Like all insurance policies, if there are no callouts, then it is nothing more than piece of mind, but when a breakdown does occur, it is then you will glad you bought the right breakdown cover policy to suit the situation.